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Feast of the Sacred Heart 8th June 2018

Feast of the Sacred Heart 2018

Today we are celebrating the Feast of God’s love.,expressed through the image of the open Heart of Jesus, the open Heart of our God.

All three readings for today say something about His love, in the first reading we hear about  God’s tender love for God’s people. Described like the tenderness of a parent with a young child,  an enormous compassionate love,‘my heart is overwhelmed, my pity is stirred. And in the second reading in the letter to the Ephesians  Paul’s conviction that  we can know the love of Christ which  surpasses all knowledge and that we may be filled with  the utter fullness of God.

And in the Gospel, we have the account of the piercing of Jesus Heart on the cross, the source of our life and love.

In our constitutions we have a paragraph which states that it is in contemplating  this pierced Heart of Jesus, in reflecting on Jesus in the Gospels, that our whole being is opened  to the depth of God and the anguish of humankind,, we are drawn into, we share the love of God for everyone, especially those who are poor. Contemplation of His Heart takes us deep into the mystery of Gods  unconditional love and makes us feel more keenly the suffering of our sisters and brothers, the people who are held in God’s heart.

 Is this what Paul is saying,when he says that we will know the depth of the love of Christ? And is this the  tender, compassionate love that Hosea the describes.?

St Madeleine Sophie said  something like this’ There is room for everyone in that wide wound in the Heart of Jesus’ Room for all of us, and for all people, no one is excluded. Then she adds : but its secret depths  are for the little and lowly ones’  What  do these words mean for us today.?Who are the little and the lowly ones?

We know that God has a special love for those who are poor and needy, that is written large all over Scripture, but I wonder what Sophie is saying to us ?. How can we be those who know the secret depths of His Heart   ?

  In Luke’s Gospel there is an incident recounted where tax collectors and sinners are  coming to Jesus to hear what he had to say. These were  people who were considered outsiders, people of dubious character., rejected by those who thought themselves respectable

There was something about Jesus which  gave people the confidence to come to Him knowing that he would not reject or humiliate them no matter who they were or what they had done. but above all they felt a desperate need for Him. There is room for everyone...

 I think that the ‘poor’ and the ‘little and the lowly’ that Sophie talks about is all of us who recognise our poverty and our need for Jesus , it is in our recognition of our need for Him, that we can understand the secret depths  of His Heart

.The secret depths …..until knowing the love of Christ you are filled with the utter fullness of God’

And our hearts are overwhelmed , our pity is stirred as we contemplate our world and its people.

So today, let us bring to that wide open, loving and compassionate heart, all those we want to pray for, all the situations that worry us, our world and all its needs and  our own needs, trusting that there is room for everyone in that wide wound in the Heart of Jesus, in the Heart of our God.

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